Yoga for Warriors

Yoga for Warriors (Bulk Pricing)


Teachers, vet centers and other organizations who wish to offer Yoga For Warriors to the veterans and military personnel whom they serve can now purchase this training guide in bulk, at 60% off the publisher’s list price. Available in lots of 28, at a cost of $8 per book.

Written by internationally recognized Power Yoga founder and Give Back Yoga co-founder Beryl Bender Birch, this practice guide is designed to help veterans and military service men and women relax their stress response, sharpen their mental acuity and find a general sense of health and wellbeing. Through yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques, “yoga sleep” techniques (yoga nidra), and mindfulness meditation, the book offers a full complement of tools to help warriors to find their way on the battlefield and beyond.

Paperback, 296 pages. Published by Sounds True, October 2014.

Please note that these books ship directly from the publisher. A special shipping and handling charge of $10.50 per box applies.

Praise for Yoga For Warriors:

“’Yoga for Warriors’ once again places Beryl in the vanguard of a high-impact endeavor, making the therapeutic experience of yoga accessible to those living with the wounds of war. Beryl’s book should be at the top of the reading list for those who wish to take an active role in restoring their health and well-being after returning from war.”

—Joann Difede, PhD, director of Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Studies Program, Weill-Medical College



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