Boomer Yoga - Energizing the Years Ahead for Men & Women

Boomer Yoga


Be Happy. Be Healthy.

The best selling author of Power Yoga presents a dynamic yoga practice that will keep your body young, your mind vibrant, and your spirit soaring.

Boomer Yoga is an energetic approach to yoga that includes a rejuvenating 40 minute workout and many mindfulness techniques for transforming your life. Those who are new to yoga as well as lifelong practitioners will find this method a wonderful tool for staying agile, healthy, and fit. Weaving together personal experience, philosophy, and practical techniques, Beryl Bender Birch decodes the secret teachings of yoga and reveals how – through a steady and comfortable practice – to find balance and preserve peace of mind in the midst of world chaos.

Beryl’s inspirational writing style and energetic instructions are accompanied by over 100 B&W photographs that illustrate a powerful sequence of user friendly yoga postures and their modifications. Beryl shows how a conscious practice of the postures can be used not only for strength and longevity but to protect and restore the body from many of the common aspects of aging such as back pain, osteoarthritis, menopause, prostate issues, or high blood pressure. Boomer Yoga is the perfect book for everyone looking for a path to lasting health and happiness.

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