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Sittin On Front Steps – mid August Summer Day

Wonderful Day – from meditation to a three mile hike this morning to cooking a chuck roast for the dogs with carrots, celery, kale, potatoes, and string beans (all from local CSA and farm stand), to evening now – Just sitting’ on the front steps of my home in Otis MA – out in the boonies – had to cut a couple small, young trees down to get access to the satellite tower so I could even do this blog – only moved in to my house in April and spent a few months hoping, praying that the Verizon Hot Spot would work – it worked fine but the signal wasn’t strong enough to pull in the internet – at least not most of the time. When it was working well, it took about 30-45 minutes to either load a website or download emails – not great for keeping in touch. The rest of the time it didn’t connect at all. I usually went to the Price Chopper and sat in the parking lots and downloaded emails.

So ended up 86’ing the hot spot and going’ for satellite. Didn’t want to take the trees down, but we have lots and lots of trees here up in the Berkshire Mountains of Southwestern PA and they grow like weeds. Felt better about it all.  Now I can sit on my front steps, with my dog Nellie along side, with my computer and gaze out at the world, watching for bears and moose,, drinking a Friday evening glass of Rodney Strong cabernet savignon, listening to Pandora’s Stan Getz station and contemplating how friggin’ lucky I am.

More mañana!!